Change coaching

Yes, everyone is born creative. But, for different reasons, not everyone has easy access to their creativity as an everyday tool.


A coaching process with me will be helpful, no matter whether you want to achieve a certain change, or you need to face change unexpectedly and possibly against your wishes. In a one-on-one process, I will tailor many tools to your individual needs, and together we will explore different alternatives and perspectives until we find how you can achieve what you are aiming for. Each case is unique. Sometimes just a few meetings are enough to give you the push you need!


My methodology is the result of many years of exploring, studying and learning about creativity from different perspectives, from art and design to philosophy.

The best example of this synthesis is also the simplest one: I find the use of traditional creative thinking tools like mind mapping or brain storming most helpful to solve questions (and situations) that would usually be analyzed from a psychological or philosophical point of view: "What do you want? What does happiness mean to you?" That kind of question feels huge from those angles, but once we approach it with creative tools, we can deconstruct it easily to find the components that are actually relevant in your case.


And the best part: Doing it that way is fun 99% of the time.


Consulting meetings in person are possible on a regular basis in Dortmund and Essen (Germany), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and twice a year in Mexico City. Online consultations are also a regular part of my portfolio. The rate is 80€ per hour. If you consider that your needs or project require something specific, write me, and we'll find the solution that fits you best.