Individual sessions

Bodywork sessions can help you stand taller, be stronger and more stable - both in times of challenge and in your everyday life.

Can you imagine how much of your energy goes into the tension some of your muscles hold on a daily basis out of mere habit? 

Why not learn to change that constant tension so you can use that energy for things that matter to you? Or simply not be too tired to rest when you go to bed? 

We all face challenges, problems, conflicts. Ours is a stressful, fast-paced time: We juggle work, family and friends as a matter of course, and on top of that, we want to also have a meaningful impact around us (and hopefully also on a bigger scale). Plus we all want to stay healthy in the process. 

Listening to your body and reconnecting to your physical perception can help you take better care of yourself: Your body is an ally that clearly shows you when you lose energy along your day - and you can learn to use it to regain that energy.

We see our body-mind-work as a learning process: each of our clients gets to explore and understand individual patterns that block them and learns how to access qualities they need to become more of the person they want to be.

Such counterproductive patterns can include the tension we generate while under pressure  - reacting to our own expectations, conflict, anger, frustration, self-doubt, sadness, grief, just to mention a few. These tensions and reactions may have been learned a long time ago, and may have been useful then - but today, they could be what starts a migraine, makes you feel tired, locks you in a bad mood or stops you from having a good night’s sleep or enjoying your free time.

We teach you to claim the high ground over these situations, make the first steps to change the patterns you do not need anymore or call back the power of the ones that actually help you. 

Through touch, movement and breathing exercises, you will gain awareness of tension in your body and the connection it may have with specific topics and situations. Then, you’ll learn specific exercises to let go of your tension patterns, thus freeing up your energy and reaching a new, more balanced state.

Our approach is for you if you

  • want to solve a situation that is weighing on you
  • are looking for change in your life
  • enjoy a practical approach that goes beyond thinking and talking
  • want to learn to better cope with physical symptoms and pains
  • need clarity to make a decision
  • wish for closure regarding some emotional baggage
  • strive for fulfillment and joy in life

You are warmly invited to come and try it out. 

Practical details:

Location: Essen and Cologne

Duration: One hour per session, but plan for up to 90 min for the first one. 

Rates: 90€ per session